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How do I Find a Good Contractor? 3 Things to Consider

As homeowner's, over the years we have to hire tradespeople to do work on our property.

Many homeowners tackle small projects themselves, (which is awesome by the way, and I totally encourage that!), but when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or a project that protects your investment (i.e. a roof), the pros should be called in.

So how do you find a good contractor? Spoiler Alert: its not the one with the lowest price!

Here are 3 things to consider when hiring a contractor:

1. Do they communicate well?

Made a few inquiries? That's great. A good contractor will be busy but they should at least reach out to you within a couple days.

Once an appointment is setup up, they should stick to it. Be careful of contractors who cancel appointments last minute. If they can't organize a simple client meeting, how are they going to manage your project effectively?

Think about this: if they are hard to communicate with before you've given them any work, what's going to happen during or after the job is done? What if you have an issue? Or you need them to fulfill a warranty? If you get the feeling they don't care, chances are they don't.

Communication between client and contractor is the backbone of a renovation project. What happens during the early stages will set the bar going forward.

2. Do they have Workers Compensation? Insurance? References?

A good contractor will have all three. Its not rude to ask for proof! Its part of doing business.  When contractors do work for larger companies they are required to provide proof of insurance. Why would it be any different for a homeowner?

As for references, you can ask for that too. You can also do a little digging on Google. Look at their reviews, website, or Facebook page. They should have pictures of their work (not stock photos from the internet!) and they may have testimonials from past clients that can provide some great insight.

Don't forget to ask friends and family who they have used in the past. Use word of mouth to your advantage.

3. Am I willing to wait for a Good Contractor?

Lets face it: most of us want things right away. Its just the world we live in.

I always get a kick out of the Renovation Shows, everything goes smooth and the project is completed after the commercial break. Not realistic.

When it comes to finding a good contractor being patient is your best bet. Finding a good contractor is not hard, there are many of them out there, but you'll have to do your homework. This takes patience.

I said earlier that a good contractor will be busy. Well that's not a bad thing. Would you be willing to wait a couple weeks for a good contractor, which in turn comes with a job well-done and a good customer experience?

So lets wrap it up:

A good contractor will communicate well, be able to provide proof of insurance, references and workers compensation, and on top of all that, be good enough to wait for.

As always, thanks for reading and happy home renovations!

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